DFS offers the Fadal VMC45. This 3-Axis machining center is a valued and productive machine for our customers.

The calibrated chuck assembly offers increased rpm's and the ability to rotate the part for slotting, drilling, chamfering and deburring operations.

Note: Our particular Fadal has the ability to perform operations on cylindrical parts due to the addition of a Rotary 4th Axis.

The Fadal offers a variety of programming operations due to its updated CNC control which supports all the latest programs. It also has been laser calibrated to insure accuracy.


The Fadal turns out a patented Con-Sert Tool Body with a precision vertical chuck.

EMCOturn 425 (Twin Spindle - Twin Turret - Twin Sub-Spindle)
DFS offers our customers the advantage of manufacturing parts on our EMCOturn 425. Complete machining, driven tools and short-tool change times are characteristic features and a key to what our customers want. This machine produces high precision parts, has short machining times and performs a very high degree of automation across all axes.

Our EMCOturn 425 can machine turn (2) parts simultaneously with left and right headstocks.

  • Up to 1" capacity
  • Parts ejectors for each spindle
  • Siemens CNC 2x2 roller axes control
  • Two Bi-Directional turrets with 12 stations for 16 VDI tools

Our EMCO 425 turns precision 1" parts with ease while working multiple shifts.

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